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Teens and Adults

For teens, martial arts provides the benefit of individualized attention. Unlike other sports, students gain the nurturing of focused training for their individual skill levels and abilities. Because the focus is on advancement at the individual pace, the student gains a sense of accomplishment without pressure to meet a particular standard in a time-sensitive manner. A positive environment encourages a positive self-image. Also, teens who learn to respect their bodies and minds are less likely to abuse them in any way. At SMA, teens are encouraged to make positive connections by way of friends and mentors, which promotes a healthy perspective on life. They also encouraged to be leaders in society with strong integrity. Other results from martial arts training include improved grades and relationships with parents and family members.

For adults, martial arts offers a comprehensive fitness program. Classes provide stress relief and physical endurance. They can aid cardiovascular capacity and muscle strength. However, unlike other sports, adults learn self-defense techniques and improve their personal focus, discipline, and confidence levels. Many have shared results of improved job performance and overall life quality after enrolling in a martial arts program.


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