At Sevier Martial Arts, students will train in a family-friendly atmosphere while gaining all the benefits that come with martial arts training, such as life skills, physical fitness, and self-defense.

Karate Kids

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Adults and Teens

Adults who train at Sevier Martial Arts enjoy less stress and improved concentration for daily tasks. Additionally, adults will feel more energetic due to the physical fitness that goes along with training in martial arts. One of the major benefits of training at SMA is learning self-defense. In today’s world, training will equip the student to better defend themselves and/or their families. The student should also learn to recognize and possibly prevent dangerous or threatening situations. Martial Arts provides adults with the leverage needed for safer living in modern society.

Lil Dragons – Lil Warriors

The Lil’ Dragons Club is designed to teach your child developmental skills such as: following directions, coordination, exercise, and of course, an introduction to martial arts. They learn to kick out calories while picking up important life skills such as stranger awareness, anti-drugs, health, nutrition, and exercise. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, “one in three children are overweight.” The Lil’ Dragons program addresses this issue (and Stomach) head-on, by providing children a whole-life approach to making choices that affect their mental and physical health. The best part is no one sits on the bench. Everyone is included! LIL’ DRAGONS caches kids early and helps them develop terrific life skills that will make them not only a better citizen but a healthier one as well.

The Lil Warriors Club here at Sevier Martial Arts is designed to teach ages 7 thru 9 the martial art of Tang Soo Do.

Students develop the physical and mental skills necessary to successfully apply Tang Soo Do techniques that could literally save their lives during a real confrontation. Along with learning practical self-defense, your child will discover huge improvements in life skills such as leadership skills, goal setting, focus (which does equal to better grades), self-esteem, discipline, and of course, good health.


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