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What can I expect from my training?

Martial arts is unique because it offers a wide array of benefits. Not only does it teach self-defense, but it also provides a level of fitness training as well. Improved focus improves attention span, and therefore grades and job performance. You will gain self-discipline, self-control, self-esteem, and confidence. Martial arts training increases flexibility, coordination, cardiovascular health, and overall physical endurance and fitness. Through goal setting skills, students learn tools which enable them to succeed in their daily and future lives. Our students learn to be capable leaders, with honor and respect to others and themselves. Additionally, martial arts provides a means of social engagement, providing positive experiences through bonding with fellow students and family members.

How do I get started?

You can get started by scheduling a private tour, viewing classes as a guest, or enrolling in our free trial. For more info, contact us.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary, depending on which program you choose after going through the trial lessons. If, after the trial period, you decide to enroll in one of our membership packages, we will sit down with you to discuss which option works best for your individual goals.

How many students per class?

This, too, can vary, but we ensure a solid ratio of instructors per students. In our lower rank and age classes, we require a higher ratio of instructors per students. Our students get the attention they need to succeed in their training.

Are there family discounts?

Yes. We offer 15% off second member, 25% off third member, and the fourth member gets FREE tuition. The fifth and beyond is 50% off.

What are the additional costs?

Equipment: Once a student reaches yellow belt rank, he or she will need to purchase sparring gear in order to participate in sparring. Sparring is required training to advance to the next level. This equipment usually lasts a while.

Tests: There is a testing fee required for each rank. Depending on the rank, a new uniform purchase might be required. Also, a student might outgrow a uniform and will need to replace it. However, we work to ensure that any uniform ordered is a size that can last as long as possible.

Extra activities: We have optional activities such as Ninja Night, Parties, In-house competitions, and seminars, etc. available at an added cost. These are not required, but will enhance a student’s experience and training.

Have a question that wasn’t answered?
Contact us at or call the studio at (865)428-1933.


Get started by scheduling a private tour, viewing classes as a guest, or enrolling in our free trial today!