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Who Are We?

Traditional Values

What separates Sevier Martial Arts from other studios is how we integrate the traditional values of martial arts with our modern society. Our motto is, “Ancient Ways, Modern Days”. While we teach our students self-defense for the modern world, we also work to ensure our students receive the traditional values of respect, honor, self-discipline, focus, along with self-esteem and confidence. In our classes, we strictly adhere to a “Yes, sir!” response and we bow to each other and instructors. We hold to a high standard of conduct and respect toward our instructors. However, we also offer a fun and engaging environment where students enjoy positive interaction, which allows for appropriate bonding amongst the students and instructors. At SMA, we are a close-knit family of members.


Quality Training

Additionally, the quality instruction received at SMA prepares students for the real world. We are not a fast-track to a black belt, but rather a school where students will train traditionally with proper skill levels at each rank. Our black belts are internationally ranked out of Korea with the WORLD TANG SOO DO GENERAL FEDERATION and through AMERICAN KWAN TANG SOO DO FEDERATION.


Christian Environment

Our studio is Christ-centered. What does this mean for our students? Simply put, our students encounter our faith, but aren’t pressured to accept it. As a requirement for each rank, students learn Scripture verses. We also have a prayer in each class.



SMA works with our community schools to enrich the success of Sevier County students. We offer a variety of ways to partner with teachers and administrators.

  • Field trips on location
  • Character gift certificates
  • Anti-bullying seminars on school site
  • School employee dIscounts



We offer special discounts to the following:

  • Church/ministry employees
  • First responders and/or military
  • County school employees (K-12)

Martial Arts Instructors

Senior Master

At Sevier Martial Arts

Our Martial Arts Instructors Promise To

Be Dedicated
Be Leaders of Integrity
Treat each student with respect
Encourage and Motivate
Help members reach their goals


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